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Women in Maritime: A Coffee with…

Tuesday, 16th April

Anneley Pickles

And you thought we had forgotten about #womeninmaritime. Never!

Up to the podium this week is Anneley Pickles, Business Development Manager, EMEA at KVH Inc. and Propeller Club pillar.

Anneley provided some great insight such as issues with maritime regulation as well as the challenges that come with developing business relationships in tough regions.

Propeller Club Liverpool: Morning Anneley

Anneley Pickles: Good morning!

PCL: How long have you worked in the maritime industry?

AP: 23 years

PCL: What was your first job in the industry?

AP: Renewals Executive for Lloyd’s List Newspaper.

PCL: What do you see as the biggest current issue you are dealing with in your job?

AP: Developing relationships with new Service Providers workinin tough regions, ie South Africa.

PCL: What is the next major challenge in shipping?

AP: Dealing with regulatory and legislative challenges.  Our industry is trying to be united, but it’s a very challenging environment.

PCL: What is the most positive change in shipping?

AP: The number of positive environmental initiatives out there. There seems to be more willingness from Shipowners to improve their environmental footprint.

PCL: What is the one thing that has to change?

AP: The speed in which new initiatives are adopted in Maritime.  We have good ideas, let’s just get them out there quicker!

PCL: What makes you most proud in your job?

AP: When a client tells me that they are happy with our service and they have referred us.

PCL: If you were leaving school today what job would you want?

AP: Despite being prone to seasickness, I would have liked to have worked on a Superyacht.

PCL: Who in the industry has been your guiding light or inspiration?

AP: My first boss at Lloyds – Mr Tony Lescombe.  He taught me everything I know about Sales. He was a fantastic communicator and he challenged me every day on being the best I could be.

PCL: What do you love most about Liverpool?

AP: I love how vibrant Liverpool is.  Food, Music, Sport, Architecture and all that is Maritime, what more could you want?

PCL: Thanks Anneley!

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