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Quiz Day 3 Answers

Thursday, 2nd April

  1. Robert Galbraith is the pen name of which famous author? J.K Rowling


  1. Which major American city’s name is thought to be the Indian name for “wild onions”? Chicago


  1. Which top class West Indies batsman had, amongst others, the nickname of ‘The Master Blaster’? Viv Richards


  1. The Zodiac sign of Cancer starts in which month? June


  1. From which country do we take the word “yoghurt”? Turkey


  1. Which ‘B’ is a native British tree which produces ‘sloe’ berries, often used in flavouring gin? Blackthorn or Sloe Bush


  1. In cooking, Amandine is a term associated with which nut? Almond


  1. Which Canadian rapper topped the UK singles charts in February 2018 with ‘God’s Plan’? Drake


  1. What is the Capital of Bermuda? Hamilton


  1. The origins of which type of fast food take away can be traced to Mossley in Greater Manchester in 1860? Fish & Chips


  1. St Anthony is often mentioned as the patron saint of what? A) Children b) Boats c) Lost things Lost things


  1. Which BBC 80s soap opera was set around yachting on the South Coast of England? Howards’ Way


  1. Which British leader and hero was known as the Iron Duke? Duke of Wellington, Arthur Wellesey


  1. Which novel begins – “It was a bright cold day in April and the clocks were striking Thirteen” 1984


  1. Who was top scorer in the 2014 World Cup in Brazil? James Rodriguez, Colombia 6 goals