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Welcome to Propeller Club Liverpool

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Quiz Day 2 Answers….

Wednesday, 1st April

  1. A hurling team consists of how many players?
    1. 15 b) 13 c) 11 15


  1. Which metal is the main constituent of Pewter? Tin


  1. How did soul singer Sam Cooke die? a) Drowned b) Plane crash c) Shot Shot


  1. Ergophobia is the fear of what? Work


  1. The dollar sign appears above which number on a computer keyboard? 4


  1. Lech Walesa airport is in which city? Gdansk, Poland


  1. The city of Samarkand is on which famous route? Silk Road


  1. What is the collective name for a group of Crows? A Murder


  1. What is Donald Trump’s middle name? John


  1. Switzerland has how many official languages? 4 German, Italian, French and Romansh


  1. Britain’s largest National Park is in which country? Scotland (Cairngorms)


  1. In which two US States does the Venus Fly Trap natively occur? North and South Carolina


  1. Which river discharges the greatest volume of water in the world? Amazon


  1. Which American singer won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2016? Bob Dylan


  1. The airport at Skopje, Macedonia, is named after which ancient king? Alexander the Great