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P&O Ferries Redundancy Announcement

Friday, 18th March

As anyone with links to the shipping or maritime industry will have seen, it was with shock and dismay that P&O Ferries has made all UK seafaring staff redundant. Without notice, without union consultation, and seemingly without a moments thought for the impact on the lives and livelihoods of those officers and crew who have served them with such distinction for so long.

There is also the wider reputational hit to the seafaring profession – sadly the actions of companies who feel that they can shave a few quid off the wage bill by such radical, ill-conceived and plain despicable actions mean that it is increasingly hard to see seagoing as a good career option.

It feels very difficult for anyone to get into the corporate mindset that could think this would be a good idea. Are there no good people left in business anymore? Adults in the room that could say, this is wrong, this is bad, and this will cost us more in the long run? What of the lawyers and accountants? How can they countenance such corporate vandalism? The hiterto good name of P&O besmirched, and perhaps destroyed forever.

At the moment there is anger and shock, there are sit-ins and protests, the Unions are scrambling to try and make sense and take action. Hopefully, people will get what they deserve, the P&O seafarers will get the respect, rewards and opportunities they deserve. While those in management, in ownership and sat in faraway glass towers in Dubai making terrible decisions will be held to account…even if it is by their own conscience.

We want to help as best we can, and will try and spread news of opportunities, and will happily make connections. If you are a P&O seafarer affected, and you think we can help – if you want our advice on jobs, new roles, training, careers, whatever it is, we want to help. You are welcome to come join our networking events – grab something cold and let’s all slag the bean counters, the shysters, and the shortsighted.

Good luck to all affected, and let’s see what the maritime community can rally together to help. We will post jobs, opportunities, helpful links and advice – and we remain open for emails, social media DMs whatever we can do to help. @propellerists