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Pledging to Support Women in Maritime

Friday, 22nd June

Propeller Club Liverpool is very proud to be amongst the leading companies and organisations which are making a pledge to support and recognise women in the maritime industry.

The “Women in Maritime” pledge is the forerunner to the launch of the Women in Maritime Charter. Signatories to the pledge make clear their support for creating positive change within their respective organisations, and collectively, across the UK maritime sector.

Companies signing up to the pledge – a headline statement of intent – are now invited to engage with the detailed development of the Charter, which is due to be launched in the autumn of 2018.

Our statement to Maritime UK reads as follows: We are signing the pledge because it is the right path for us, and for our industry. We are signing the pledge because our organisation is based on the incredible passion, dedication, skills, knowledge and network that so many women in our maritime sphere of influence possess and display. Without the hard work, vision, tenacity and will to succeed that the women in our team bring, we would not be where we are today. Signing the pledge is recognition of this, and also a commitment to further support women in maritime.

Having taken that pledge, we now need to continue our hard work to translate these commitments and sentiments into actual deliverables – if you are a woman working in maritime and wish to engage or support our journey, we would love to hear from you. What do you want us to do? What should we do?

We hope that in years to come it will seem ridiculous to have to make such statements, but as that march to gender equality in our industry progresses, then we need to ensure we do our bit.