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Welcome to Propeller Club Liverpool

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Oh Danny, Boy!

Wednesday, 15th March

We have some very exciting news to announce…yes, our April 2023 First Thursday will be afloat. Granted, hopefully tied up safely alongside, but afloat nonetheless.

The event is being hosted by our wonderful friends onboard The ‘Daniel Adamson’. This magnificent vessel is the North West’s Art Deco steamship, rescued by the passion and skill of a volunteer force who run the project and operate the vessel today.

The Danny is a living and working museum piece maintained to the highest standards with public access wherever and whenever possible. Access includes displays, guided tours and enjoyable activities for all ages, plus the opportunity to experience a cruise on board.

Danny is a dual fuel boat: it runs on coal and volunteers, bringing old and young volunteers together, which prevents isolation, and creates conditions for skill sharing and learning. The volunteers are at the heart of what the tug and organisation does. This is a great opportunity to learn more, and to explore ways in which we can all work to support the amazing vessel and all she does.

She is a remarkable survivor from the steam age and a most unusual vessel. A small but incredibly powerful canal tug, she was built to tow long strings of barges laden with goods from the inland towns of Cheshire and the Potteries to the great seaport of Liverpool. She made her appearance on the Mersey at a time when old-fashioned sailing ships still jostled for space on the Liverpool waterfront with the great steamships and ocean liners of the Edwardian era.

Members will be receiving details of how to sign up to attend, and we will then open the opportunity to other friends of the Club…so if you want to come, you better be nice to us 🙂 Email for more information.