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It’s Time for Smoko

Monday, 16th March

From the desk of Captain Ogg…is yours as clean?

With so many maritime professionals today waking up to the idea of working from home, it suddenly seems like we are experiencing a life akin to our friends out at sea. The house and office (or kitchen table) become both home and workplace. There is potential for a sense of isolation, and we need those around us to rally to the cause. So, we have decided to try an experiment…we want to make “smoko great again”.

Smoko is the name given to the morning and afternoon breaks onboard ship. These are hugely important times, they punctuate the working day, they provide a chance to relax for half an hour, and they were traditionally a chance for seafarers to spend some down time chatting. We want to imbue the whole industry with a common #Smoko sense of community.

We will be live tweeting between 1000-1030 and 1500-1530 GMT via @propellerists So we can bring all our friends and colleagues together – to share photos of their desks, what biscuits they are eating too many of, and of the things we are up to. We want to have a chat, to be able to ask questions and to make sure we can get us all through this testing time.

Who knows we may come out the other side all knowing a little bit more about each other, and when next we meet up, it will be with even heartier handshakes, tighter hugs and more mwahs than an Oscar After Party.

So join in the Smoko fun on Twitter – follow @propellerists and share your day with us!