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Women in Maritime: A Coffee with…

Friday, 8th March

Holly Savage

To celebrate International Women’s Day 2019, here at Propeller Club Liverpool, we have decided to start a series of interviews with all of the brilliant women that make our industry so great.

To kick off the Q&A series we chatted to Holly Savage, European Marketing Specialist at KVH Industries.

Propeller Club Liverpool: Hi Holly!

Holly Savage: Hi!

PCL: So, to start off, how long have you worked in the maritime industry?

HS: 4 years.

PCL: What was your first job in the industry?

HS: Reception/admin assistant.

PCL: What do you think the biggest current issue you are dealing with in your job?

HS: Coordinating lots of people for events can be quite difficult – to get everyone organised and keep control of everything.

PCL: What is the next major challenge in shipping?

HS: Autonomous ships.

PCL: What is the most positive change in shipping?

HS: Connectivity at sea?

PCL: What is the one thing that has to change?

HS: I think that more money/time and energy needs to be put into seafarer welfare. Happy crew = a more prosperous crew.

PCL: What makes you most proud in your job?

HS: When it’s the first day of the conference. The stand looks great and everyone seems to be happy. Second best moment is definitely when it ends, such a relief when it’s gone well.

PCL: If you were leaving school today what job would you want?

HS: Events Coordinator.

PCL: Who in the industry has been your guiding light or inspiration?

HS: Steven Jones ? hahah… No lol I don’t think I have one.

PCL: What do you love most about Liverpool?

HS: It’s vibrancy and life. The city just keeps growing and improving. There’s so many more independent restaurants and business that have sprung up, there’s something for everyone.

PCL: Thanks for your time Holly.

HS: The pleasure was all mine!

If you would like to take part in our Q&A series then feel free to get in touch: