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Expressive Art On The Mersey 2016

Thursday, 21st July

Claire McCarthy cheque
Treasurer Anneley hands over our donation to Claire McCarthy

Propeller Club Liverpool may be about ships and the maritime industry – but we are a culture club too. We are passionate about art and heritage – so when the chance came to support a local artist who was seeking to bring our glorious River Mersey alive with paint, then we were honour bound to support her.

Claire McCarthy has launched her latest art project on the River Mersey as she become the first ever artist in residence on board the Mersey Ferries.

Claire, who won a position at The London, Mall Galleries Threadneedle Prize Exhibition, is renowned for her Urban Council House Series, Liverpool Street scenes and Landscapes, will be painting on board the Snowdrop and Royal Iris passenger ferry over the course of 10 weeks, starting from the 13th July 2016.

The collection of works she plans to produce will explore views within and outside the round trips of Mersey Ferries. She also desires that her project will give local painters more of a profile in the city, and hopes that it will inspire artists to be more confident about exhibiting their work and engaging in creative projects within and around the city.

Exhibition date is proposed for 29th September, venue is yet to be confirmed.

Propeller Club Liverpool has made a donation to Claire, and we understand some of our extremely generous members have followed suit. For our club to be able to align our industrial heritage, the amazing work local professionals and companies are doing today…and all the while embracing artistic endeavour. We think that is something to be proud of…and is a worthy role for any group such as ours.

See how Claire is getting on in the “Expressive Art On The Mersey 2016” Facebook group – Have your say, make a donation and share encouragement – as well as enjoying the great views and wonderful works on display.