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Climate Change and Ports…Have your Say

Monday, 9th December

Asking about Climate change and ports – how do you feel about the environmental threat? While seaports and airports are at the heart of international trade and globalisation, they are also exposed to the risk of climate change impacts, mainly because of their location in coastal zones, low-lying areas and deltas. The study is to develop a Climate Change Risk Indicator (CCRI) framework for climate adaptation of seaports and airports, enabling research-informed policy-making on such a demanding topic. Due to the increases in extreme climate events, climate change adaptation is becoming an essential and necessary issue to be addressed by seaport and airport stakeholders.

Research questions:
1. How can we assess the climate change impact and the associated risks facing seaports and airports?
2. How can we choose the appropriate adaptive measures for seaports and airports?
3. What are the similarities and differences of climate change adaptations to seaports and airports?
4. How can we enhance the climate resilience of seaports and airports together with land-use planning and disaster management to reflect the dynamic evolving climate risks?

If you can spare some of your very valuable time to complete two questionnaires as a seaport stakeholder that would be most welcome. Please read the participant information sheet appended to this letter before filling the two questionnaires. Your vital feedback will greatly benefit and contribute to the formulation of an industry-wide opinion. The confidentiality of your response will be honoured and respected.

Status questions:
Comparative analysis: