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Welcome to Propeller Club Liverpool

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Celebrating Our Maritime Women

Wednesday, 8th March

Today we mark International Women’s Day – and as ever we do so to a backdrop of competing bad news for the maritime industry. We read of the resolute failure to get significant female representation at sea, and an equally poor record at adequately attracting, retaining, recognising and rewarding women in the wider maritime workforce.

The failings are writ large, they are clear to see, the stories resonate loudly, as does the silence when we seek answers.

To this backdrop we have to ask is our industry sexist or misogynistic, heck does the maritime industry hate women? I very strongly believe that not to be the case – however, results speak louder than desires, and the fact remains that for a host of reasons we are failing to deliver for women, we are failing to excite them about careers at sea, we are failing to convince on issues of workplace culture and management. Heck when we see press releases celebrating being able to make boilersuits that don’t chafe or swamp, then we are clearly still some way wide of the mark.

So, there is much to be done. For our part, the Propeller Club Liverpool is proud to have been founded, managed, led and driven by so many amazing maritime women. They shape us, they guide us, they provide insight, connections, wisdom and they make our maritime industry, community and Club better.  Out management team is 50% female, and we have more female Ambassadors than male! So this is not just talk!

In some ways, trite though it sounds, we are a maritime family – and we are a strong unit because of diversity, because of different views, desires, and drivers. We are better because people think, see and feel things in a diverse way.

We are made by our women in maritime, and we salute, thank, recognise and are so proud to work, network, and learn within this supportive environment. On this day we talk of the role, the involvement and engagement, but every other day we hope we can all continue to make great things happen together.