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Welcome to Propeller Club Liverpool

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Welcome to Propeller Club Liverpool

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Welcome to Propeller Club Liverpool

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Welcome to Propeller Club Liverpool

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February First Thursday

Thursday, 2nd February

Annnnnnd we’re back….after our January hiatus to help save your livers, we are about to return with our first, ahem, First Thursday of the year. 2023 is zooming along, and we’ll all have so much to tell each other.

So please do come along and join us, most generously co-hosted by Fort Recruitment and the Battle of the Atlantic Memorial.

You should know this already by now, but Fort Recruitment are leaders in maritime, oil & gas, construction, engineering and commercial recruitment. Fort Recruiment even offers a specialist service in the niche Maritime market including Commercial Shipping, Technical Shipping, Marine and Offshore. So check them out at

While, we are also set to welcome representatives from the Battle of the Atlantic Memorial campaign, as eighty years on, Liverpool is about to once more commemorate the Battle of the Atlantic. 1943 marked the climax of the longest, largest and most complex battle of World War Two, and Liverpool played a key role.

The war effort would have counted for nothing had it not been for the merchant seafarers that kept our nation alive in those dark days. Our city has become the focal point for remembering the battle down the decades, and Propeller Club Liverpool is proud to support those efforts, so we welcome you to come along to learn more about how the 80th anniversary will be marked in May 2023.

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