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Welcome to Propeller Club Liverpool

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Welcome to Propeller Club Liverpool

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All Aboard: 4th Annual Maritime Hostelry Tour 2017

Friday, 22nd December

Its time to once more deck the halls with Sue & Holly, and the rest of the gang…as we head off round the upper reaches of our fine city, and tour some maritime themed hostelries for Christmas.

We gather in The Caledonia (22 Caledonia St, Liverpool L7 7DX) from 1500 on Friday 22nd December, and then move promptly and precisely…well as precisely as the egg nog will allow us.

This is the fourth iteration, and we’ve had so much fun, as we’ve met up with Propellerists who join the throng at various points on our route.

The tour takes in The Caledonia, Casa, The Philharmonic, The Fly in Loaf, Ye Olde Cracke, The Pilgrim…before officially ending in The Grapes. However, it is not unknown for the group to follow Sue’s Pied Piping down into big town, and the glory and wonder that lies beyond Berry Street. Though the Arsenal Liverpool game is on at 1945, so some may find a screen to cheer on the mighty Reds.

Our President, Steven Jones, knows all the maritime history and heritage of these long established and most venerable of institutions, so will happily tell you more as we do our talking while we’re walking.

If you’ve been to our previous Tours, then you know the score – if you haven’t, then don’t miss out again. All should be self explanatory, but if you have any questions then please do email and we shall endeavour to assist.

The route and timings are as follows:

  • The Caledonia – 1500
  • Casa – 1545 (+/-15 mins)
  • The Philharmonic – 1630 (+/-15 mins)
  • The Fly in Loaf – 1715 (+/-15 mins)
  • Ye Olde Cracke – 1800 (+/-15 mins)
  • The Pilgrim – 1845 (+/-15 mins)
  • The Grapes (Knight Street…NOT Mathew Street) – 1930 (+/-15 mins). Where we will probably be for an hour as we collect our thoughts.
Bright Lights, Big City

Thence onto town, or home…or hospital. The smart money would be The Swan!!!!Whatever works, works.

Anyway, by the time we reach The Grapes we’ll probably need a nibble. Ye Olde Cracke serves Golden Wonder crisps…amazing. While the Grapes does an excellent line in food, which is just as well.

Really hope you can join us at some point along the trail. Each year has been getting bigger, better and even more fun than the last.

If you are out and about in Liverpool and want to join us, follow the time table. Or we will be live tweeting and you can message us on there @propellerists #HostelryTour

Our Sue